Acts 9:1-22 – Exhibit A of God’s Grace

It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without Saul of Tarsus (the apostle Paul), but it would have been harder to imagine that such a violent persecutor of Christians would become a Christian and a missionary. His conversion and call, recorded in Acts 9:1-22, teach us not to despair of anyone or of ourselves, because God’s grace is sufficient for them and for us.

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Acts 8:26-40 – An Unpromising Place

In Acts 8:26-40, God took Philip from a growing church to a deserted place to talk about Jesus with one African man who came from the ends of the earth.  Then God guided Philip to a Scripture text about Jesus.  These are the two elements we need in order to evangelize: people and a message about Jesus.  To whom is he guiding you today?

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Acts 8:1-25 – Glory Days of the Church?

When were the glory days of the church: perhaps when it was being persecuted, or maybe when it held sway over the culture? In an excellent sermon on Acts 8:1-25, Pastor Robbie Crouse shows Christians how we should act in both of these situations and in every other situation as well.

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Acts 6:1-7 – A Few Good Men

The explosive growth of the church in Jerusalem led to the first threat of division between two groups, as recorded in Acts 6:1-7.  Wisely the apostles recommended that the church choose a few good men to handle the urgent need that had arisen.  These seven men freed up the apostles to preach and pray, and the church grew even more.  The threat to unity and the way the church handled it can teach us how we also can maintain unity and promote continued growth in our church.

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Acts 2:1-24 – In the Last Days

Before he returned to his Father, Jesus told his followers to wait in Jerusalem until they received the promised Holy Spirit.  About a week later, as recorded in Acts 2:1-24, Jesus poured on his Spirit on his people, and they began to proclaim the mighty deeds of God in different languages.  After some from the crowd made fun of them, Peter explained that the gift of the Spirit indicated that the last days had arrived!

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Acts 1:1-11 – You Will Be My Witnesses

In our summer series, we will be looking at critical events in the book of Acts, starting with Jesus’ commission of his “sent ones” in Acts 1:1-11. The goal is for our church to become more like the original Christian church. We first need to reorient ourselves to the task that Jesus gave us for the time between his departure and his return: to be witnesses to the end of the earth.

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John 21:20-26 – YOU, follow me

If you have ever compared your life to someone else’s (who hasn’t?), you need to hear Jesus’ reply in John 21:20-25 to Peter’s curiosity about Jesus’ plan for another disciple. Also in this gospel’s final section, the author finally but partially identified himself. He was one of Jesus’ closest disciples and a reliable eyewitness to everything he reported, so we can know that it is all true.

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John 21:1-19 – Do you love me?

In a painful conversation with Peter recorded in John 21:1-19, Jesus asked him three times if he loved him.  Peter answered by declaring his love for Jesus three times.  In response, Jesus charged Peter to take care of his people and to follow him. The question and the charge are for us as well.

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John 20:19-31 – Lord and God

In John 20:19-31, Jesus appeared to his disciples twice, once to commission and equip them and a second time to show himself to Thomas. In response to seeing Jesus, Thomas made an astounding declaration about Jesus, calling him “my Lord and my God!” After this declaration, the author spelled out his purpose in writing this book: for you to believe.

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John 20:1-18 – The Empty Tomb

There is a stubborn fact of history that no one has been able to disprove, although many have tried. Jesus’ tomb was empty, and no one has ever produced his body. Hear in John 20:1-18 about the first ones to encounter the empty tomb. Come, see, and believe!

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