Philippians 1:12-26

Paul reported to the Philippians that his being in prison in Rome had actually produced the positive benefit of encouraging more preaching of the gospel. There were, no doubt, some who preached from bad motives, but Paul rejoiced anyway. In fact, he had a reason to rejoice, not only in prison but also in all circumstances, whether positive or negative, in life and even in death. Here are the Powerpoint presentation, the lecture notes, and the study guide (which will be especially helpful to follow when listening to the lecture).


Philippians 1:1-11

As was typical in Paul’s letters, he began this one with a greeting, a thanksgiving, and a prayer. In these, he didn’t waste any words but gave some previews of the major themes of the letter.  Available here are the Powerpoint presentation and the lecture notes and the study guide.


Philippians Introduction

We begin with an overview of the history of the church in Philippi, especially in relationship to Paul and his companions.  Also, we were able to cover part of the very first verse, which contains some fascinating previews of attractions coming later in the letter.  Available here are the Powerpoint presentation and lecture notes.


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